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True Stories

Since 1994 we've been helping families deal with difficult, messy, and complicated matters. And you can bet we've accumulated some amazing stories and friends. Here's a collection of a few of our greatest successes. Do note, names have to be changed!


63 Cats and 16 Chihuahuas

We're an unconventional trust company. We do things banks would not even consider, like relocate 79 pets. No, seriously...

The Art of Communication

Northern New Mexico has a well-earned reputation as a home to many artists and creative people. We’ve always taken special pride in serving this community and their specific needs. We know, first hand, that managing wealth for artists and art collectors often entails a certain creativity in itself!

A Legacy of Charitable Giving Fulfilled

When Heritage Trust was appointed successor trustee to settle the estate of Margaret: two years after her death, six charitable organizations whom she had selected to receive her legacy had no idea of the extent of disarray created by the prior trustees.

Life, Uninterrupted

We’re able to navigate situations like Henry’s this quickly, creatively and effectively because of our independent nature. We’re not a bank. We’re very flexible and a decidedly human organization. We secured Henry’s assets from further exploitation, and matched Henry with care providers that enable him to live out his life as he desires, and deserves.

From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up," File

Once there was a trustee responsible for two trusts, only it turned out there was a third trust with more trustees, and then later, lo and behold, a fourth trust, with, yes, another trustee to boot.  Which begs the question: How much Trust can a Trustee Trust if a Trustee could Trust Trust?

(When the Trustee is Heritage Trust, the answer is: a lot).