Unlike a bank, you're not just an account number at Heritage Trust. We know every family situation is unique and our genuine interest is in getting to know you, so we can put your family first.

We're known for handling complex family needs.
We’re sensitive to modern family dynamics.
We’re willing to find creative solutions.
We know life is not black and white.

We gladly work with outside investment advisors and their preferred custodians, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals, always respecting and honoring your relationships with trusted advisors.

We know not all assets fit into the traditional stock and bond box, that's why we’re willing to hold "non-traditional" assets, such as real estate, mineral interests, businesses, partnership interests, and even artwork.

We're efficient.
We're agile.
We're effective.

We use state of the art technology to maintain the highest fiduciary standards.

We're unique, just like your family.


As an independent trust company our actions are not dictated by a corporate hierarchy. Our small staff size is intentional. It allows us to respond and work quickly, not only to meet your family's changing needs, but also to stay ahead of legal, tax and investment changes.

We don't sell proprietary products and aren’t compensated by outside parties.We maintain objectivity and impartiality when it comes to making difficult decisions and resolving conflicts.

We offer a wealth of legal, accounting, financial planning, and eldercare experience.

We bring together an independence of spirit and a respect for traditions, while recognizing the reality of a fast-changing world.

Our fees can be based either on a percentage of assets under management or hourly so that we are always charging the fee that best suits your family’s special situation.