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Richard De Stefano,
De Stefano Law Firm

"When my clients need a professional fiduciary with a presence in New Mexico, I always recommend Heritage Trust Company.  The trust officers there are smart, diligent, tax-savvy, and reasonable in their charges."

"The staff at Heritage Trust is extremely professional, well-prepared to answer my questions and address my concerns, and is always quick to respond to my requests. They are a delight to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with Heritage Trust in the future."

Peggy Graham,
Attorney at Law

"As an agency providing care management, power of attorney and guardianship services, we rely heavily on the ability to work collaboratively with conservators and trust companies. We have found Heritage Trust Company of New Mexico to demonstrate exceptional professionalism and responsiveness to the needs of clients we have jointly served. Shared standards and mutual ethics have allowed our companies to work together with individuals in need. Planning together with individuals to achieve their wishes, and to plan for their future healthcare and financial needs provides us with a sense of accomplishment in assisting individuals to achieve the highest quality of life possible based on their situation. We are thankful for the valuable service provided to the community through Heritage Trust Company and look forward to their continued service to people in need."

The Staff of Decisions in Care, LLC

“As an estate planning attorney, I have had numerous occasions over the years to work with Fred Winter and Daniel Montoya at Heritage Trust Company. They are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with, and I’ve always found them to work in the best interests of the clients."

David Finlayson,
Attorney at Law

Joe Caldwell,
Heritage Trust Attorney
since 2002

"High among my lessons learned in more than forty-three years in the legal profession: Any institution, no matter what its mission or how good its design, is only as good as the people in it. This includes courts, legislatures, executive branch offices and private enterprises of any kind.Companies entrusted with assets to preserve for the benefit of others (their mission), acquiring, for whatever reason, the role of responsible decision-maker (their design) are best measured by how much they care. On a wall of Heritage Trust Company of New Mexico is written “At 211 degrees, water is just hot.  At 212 degrees, it boils, and energy is released. It is that extra degree that makes a difference.”  Time and time again, I have seen Fred, Daniel and the dedicated people working with them, go the extra, sometimes very difficult degree, in the best interest of the people they serve. They care."

Anthony Lopez, 
Attorney at Law

"I have had several cases in which I used the services of the Heritage Trust Company to act as Trustee to manage funds received on behalf of clients. I can state without any hesitancy that the staff there is knowledgeable, receptive, professional, efficient and extremely competent. In every instance they have prepared or assisted in the preparation of necessary paperwork, conducted interviews and engaged in the transparent management of funds. All for reasonable fees. I always like it when opposing counsel asks Daniel Montoya, Executive Vice President, his qualification to act as trustee, and he says among other things that he graduated of Columbia Law School and worked as a Corporate Finance Attorney in New York for ten (10) years before coming home to northern New Mexico."

José A. Sandoval, 
Attorney at Law

"I have had the pleasure of recently working closely with Daniel Montoya on behalf of a client in a particularly difficult series of issues in a case requiring constant monitoring and can state that the effort, diligence, professionalism and empathy brought to the task by Daniel resulted in extraordinarily well measured results. Based on this multi-year effort I learned that I can and will refer clients to Daniel in the future for such trust services as may arise, without any reservations whatsoever. Daniel is keenly suited to this vocation."

"As an independent wealth advisor serving high net worth individuals, my client’s expect the same level of service and ethics from their trust company. For over 10 years I have personally worked with Fred Winter and Daniel Montoya. Over those years they have brought professionalism and ability to solve problems. This allows me to manage client’s assets in full compliance of the trust while having the flexibility to solve challenges that may not have been thought of when the original documents were written. Any trust company can claim to serve the client, but Heritage Trust delivers on that promise.”

Lee Munson, CFP, CFA Portfolio Wealth Advisors

Mike C. Walther
Oak Wealth Advisors LLC
Deerfield, IL

“Even though their office is many miles from ours, the great client service and responsive communication we receive from Heritage Trust make them a joy to work with.  We feel very comfortable putting our trust in Heritage Trust.”

Aaron Boland
P.C., Attorney at Law

"My client was 18-months-old when her intoxicated mother got into a horrible wreck. My client went into protective custody and was eventually placed and adopted by a wonderful family. Client ended up with something over 300k. Safeguarding the funds was a complex endeavor in the case. I interviewed several trust companies and chose Heritage Trust because of the personal service they espouse. The entire team is highly competent, but Mr. Montoya also showed a personal dedication and interest in this “small” trust, which meant the world to me and my four-year-old client."