63 Cats and 16 Chihuahuas

We're an unconventional trust company. We do things banks would not even consider, like relocate 79 pets.

No, seriously.

Dorothy was recommended to us by her attorney; he recognized she needed help in using her inheritance to manage her bills and care giving staff.

When we first visited her home, however, we stepped no further than the entry-way, where a portrait of beloved father - painted by a well-known Taos artist - seemed to gaze knowingly at us. Right then and there we determined ourselves to save Dorothy. And her sixty-three cats, and sixteen Chihuahuas.

In collaboration with Dorothy's attorney, a health management organization was consulted and a plan was quickly devised.

A healthcare specialist and a consulting psychologist were brought to Dorothy’s family home to fully assess the situation; later a judge issued a temporary order to appoint Heritage Trust as a temporary conservator and the health management company was named a temporary guardian.

With Dorothy finally receiving the medical care and attention she required, our staff sought to ensure a humane solution for the animals in the makeshift animal shelter her home had become, and in the meantime managed the feeding and caring for the animals.

We coordinated with a veterinarian to inoculate each one of the animals and enlisted the help of an animal rights activist, and Dorothy's great niece, to find a no-kill shelter for the cats. We placed every one of the sixteen of the dogs into local homes.

Dorothy’s challenges were difficult to navigate, to say the least, but the experience helped us to truly rally around our values in a way that felt meaningful to our trust company. We stepped through Dorothy’s doorway, when others may have run out.

Dorothy lived out the rest of her life comfortably and found immense peace in knowing her beloved animals found happy homes.