Honoring Families is Kind of Our Thing

As the first independent trust company in New Mexico, established in 1994, we use our independence, experience and flexibility to meet your needs — whatever they are! In fact, we pride ourselves in finding creative solutions for our clients. We think we do this better than anyone else.

(Have we told you about the time we relocated 63 cats?)

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Most trusts serve as an essential estate planning tool to pass wealth through generations, reduce income and estate tax, make tax efficient gifts to charities, and provide for family member's needs — we go further than that.

Whether you are establishing a trust for the first time or are the beneficiary of a trust created decades ago, we provide assistance beyond the basics of management and administration.

We’re compassionate, communicative and work efficiently to provide the quality fiduciary services that honor your family's traditions and values. Meet our team...


With people living longer and children and siblings more spread out than ever, there is a growing need for managing the financial lives of elderly or incapacitated family members.

Taking on the added responsibility of a parent's affairs may be too burdensome, or perhaps there are contentious sibling dynamics - whatever the reason - we can act as successor trustee, power of attorney or conservator.

We help protect your family member's quality of life, while relieving them - and you - of the day to day hassle of paying bills, maintaining properties, coordinating care providers, and dealing with unusual situations (read some of our True Stories here).

Similarly, we can handle all aspects of the estate administration process, relieving families of the financial responsibilities after the loss of a loved one by carrying out their wishes in an objective and fair manner.



We can serve as your financial concierge through Heritage Family Offices. We can tailor financial services to your specific needs, such as helping you with bill paying and record keeping, preparing and tracking estimated tax payments and providing clear, understandable financial statements.

We will help you keep your finances up-to-date, while allowing you the freedom to focus on more important matters in your life. In addition, we can coordinate medical caregivers, housekeepers, maintenance, provide payroll services, supervise property/home maintenance, manage personal mail, and execute investment decisions and charitable giving directives.

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We’d love to help with your unique family situation. You can contact us using the button below – or just pick up the phone. We’d be happy to schedule a time to meet as well. While we are headquartered in Taos, we can also meet you in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or virtually anywhere!

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